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    New Applicant for Membership Procedure

    Step 1. An applicant should be given a AMLC membership form (F 014), this should be explained and then filled out completely by the applicant.

    Step 2. On the receival of the application form it shall be checked to ensure that the applicant has completed the form correctly.

    Step 3. The applicant shall then be asked to supply a short introduction about themselves and their Motorhome.

    Step 4. This introduction is then forwarded to all AMLC membership for review via the AMLC President, all members have a say in the AMLC. Membership shall receive this via email and advised that it has been sent via the closed Facebook group page. All members have no more than 24hrs to lodge any objection to the applicant joining the AMLC, a cut off time and date is advised.

    Step 5. At this point the applicant and or applicants shall be notified as to whether their application has been accepted with no objection from any members. All objections shall be reviewed by the committee first than the objection shall than be put to the membership at the monthly meeting for their final decision.

    Step 6. On acceptance, the Treasurer shall invoice the applicant and or applicants for payment of all fees, all financial transactions must be done via EFT and the invoice number must be on your receipt of payment.

    Step 7. Once the applicant and or applicant’s payment has been confirmed the Treasurer shall immediately issue a receipt for both party’s records, with this receipt you will see an attached quote for your information regarding club supplies and their cost. Also, at this point a Lions Club International membership kit shall be ordered.

    Step 8. The Treasurer shall now advise the Membership Chairperson of your financial status who shall then make contact to arrange a suitable time and venue to have the new applicant inducted. The induction can be done at any place and or online whichever is suitable to both parties at the time.

    Step 9. If the membership kit is not presented at the time of induction for whatever reason than both the applicants pins and certificates shall be posted ASAP, remembering not to forward the applicants Sponsors their pin also at the same time.

    Step 10. If the members do not receive their membership pin and certificate within a reasonable time frame, then they should email the AMLC Secretary on email: amlcsecretary201@gmail.com.

    Step 11. Within a short period of time the new member and or members shall receive a AMLC information which is a brief history on the foundation of the AMLC and its success to date, this information is useful for reading out if the applicant is asked to speak at another club visit.

    Step 12. You shall be invited to join the AMLC group Facebook page and be given access to the members section on our webpage at amlc.org.au