Welcome to the Australian Motorhoming Lions Club

The AMLC provides a special alternative in service club membership.  The formation of this Lions club arose from the recognition of the dramatic growth in the number of senior Australians who find the motorhoming lifestyle very attractive  — the “grey nomads”.

Many couples whose families have left home, and mature singles too,  are embarking on a lifestyle change. Some couples choose to sell their home and commit to full-time motorhoming.  Others stay in their home but plan to spend extended periods “on the road”.  They buy a motorhome in pursuit of their dreams to see all that this magnificent country has to offer.

Obviously, travelling for extended periods can make traditional Lions club membership difficult, if not impossible. The AMLC seeks to combine the need to serve the community with the desire to enjoy this very popular lifestyle — the motorhoming lifestyle.

The AMLC is a fully chartered Lions Club, with  some operational refinements that accommodate this lifestyle. For members of the AMLC this means that:

  • there is no single locality served by the AMLC – members come from any part of the country
  • there is no requirement for attendance at weekly or fortnightly meetings
  • the business of the club is conducted over the internet using email and social media
  • service projects and events are planned and conducted taking account of the location of groups of AMLC members.

Increasingly the AMLC will pursue productive and interesting projects in many different regions of the country, and in collaboration with local Lions Clubs.  The local clubs benefit from having an expanded pool of volunteers, and visiting members of the AMLC will often bring fresh ideas to the table.

In keeping with the Lions Club ethic, AMLC members strive to assist with projects which are humanitarian in nature, but also enjoyable and manageable for our members. Over time, AMLC members will visit Lions clubs throughout Australia, lending a hand, enjoying the camaraderie and making friends wherever their travels take them.

If you are a seasoned motorhomer or perhaps you are planning to “hit the road” in a motorhome, and you feel the need to serve the needy in our community, the AMLC may be the service club for you.  Moreover your Lions Club membership puts you in touch with the 1.5 million Lions throughout the world.



You too can serve and enjoy the benefits of Lions Club Membership
wherever you travel by joining the AMLC!

Be a part of the change. Find out more by contacting us: info@amlc.org.au