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Business Name: Tyrepower Gin Gin
Type of service: New tyres and repairs, farm gear and good retail shop.We also stock a large variety of products such as Tyres, Wheels, Batteries, Suspension, Steering, Car Servicing parts and accessories.
Address: 28 Mulgrave St Gin Gin
Phone Number: (07) 4157 2186
The service: Replaced worn tyres, and made sure the correct air pressure was in all tyres. Zip pay is also available at this store.
Submitted By: Lynne Hateley James

Business Name: Dempsters Caravan Repairs
Type of service: Repairs and advices for motorhomes and caravans
Address: 20 Ellen St Bundaberg Qld.
Phone Number: 0741 543207
The service: Had several items wrong with the Motorhome, Gas, broken door, Air conditioner on warranty, Electrical issue with fridge 12 volt , New awning. and other minor items. Cost was very realistic, timely and over the top service.
Submitted By: Lynne Hateley James

Business Name : Keystar Fiat Professional
Type of service : Fiat Motorhome Servicing
Address : 5 Oleander St Kippa-Ring
Phone Number : 13002407522
The service : As a dealership, their prices may not be the cheapest but their service is great.
Submitted By : Peter Smyth

Business Name: Abus Padlocks
Type of service: Locks
Address: Online
Phone Number
The service: This service has been tried and proved by a very relaible source hence we would like to bring it o the attention of our members if you want a new key for your motorhome.
Submitted By: Lion Len Waddington

Business Name: Trademark Signs
Type of service: Signs and decals
Address: Brisbane Road, Gympie
The service: Jarod is buy far the best price for any signage and quite fast. I would highly reccommend his business.
Submitted By:: Len Waddington

Business Name: Caravan RV Works
Type of service: RV repairer
Phone Number: 0754456662
The service: I was getting cold in my travels, so I went to Caravan and RV Works for advice on heating. They were very helpful and explained why gas heating would be best for my situation. The price was right so I went ahead and had it installed. It has had no problems and works great.

Submitted By: Glenn Wildey

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